Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Battle of The Two Giants!

Many mobile phones are expected to be released this year. Two of the most awaited mobile phones are Apple's iPhone 7 and Samsung's Galaxy S7 with their variants. Rumors, leaks and expectations for thesemobile phones are alreadyout. In this article, we will take alook into these rumors and expectations trying to figure out what the competition between those two giants is going to be like.

samsung concept s7Many manufacturers are releasing interesting phones this year. Apple and Samsung are among the biggest competitors in the mobile phone industry. While we are all waiting for their mobile phones, Samsung will be first to release its Galaxy S7 later this month. On the other hand, Apple's iPhone 7 would arrive at the end of the year. However, rumors and expectations about the features of these particular handsets are already here. Everyone is looking forward to seeing how those two phones are going to  impress us.

Confirming  the news, Samsung has announced that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE will be released on February 21st. Samsung has also released a promotional video with  its coming devices. The video reveals the Galaxy VR headset, which will work with both the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 EDGE. To know more about virtual reality, you can check our article aboutVR headsets.

Rumors are that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is  expected to have a 5.1 inch display with a variety of available internal storage to choose from (32, 64 and 128 GB). It will have 4GB of RAM with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor which ensures high-quality, immersive virtual reality experience, great camera quality and extreme processing power. The rear camera is rumored to be a 12.2 MP one with 4K video recording while the front one would be a decent 5MP.

iPhone 7

For Apple's iPhone 7, it would come with a 4.7-inch display with 3D touch technology. You would be able to choose storage of 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB. The 256 GB is not confirmed yet, but rumors say there's a good chance it would be available especially after Apple has dropped the 16 GB option. Regarding the Processing power, iPhone 7 would come with 3GB of RAM and an A10 processor. Apple's A10 processorwill provide a great processing power as well, and is expected to dominate the mobile chipset market this year. For the camera, iPhone 7 is expected to have a similar one to that in Samsung's S7. The rear camera would be a 12 MP, with a 4K video recording. The front camera should be a 5MP one as well.

Appple iPhone 6The design of the two phones will play a dominant role in the competition. iPhone 7 is certainly going to be thinner than the previous iPhone 6. Rumor has it that Apple will remove the 3.5mm headphone jack in the next iPhone 7. That means, it will use the lighting port instead and that would introduce a new burden on the headphone manufacturers' arms. On the other hand, if that turns out to be true, it would provide a better HD audio experience along with enabling the phone to be thinner. For the Samsung Galaxy S7, there are some clammily leaked photos that don't show a huge improvement in the design over the S6 and S6 EDGE. However, it is expected to see a design change even if it is not the major thing to notice in the new phone.

To sum up, it is too early to decide which phone will be better. Things will be clearer when the two rivals release their phones into the market. Till then, we can keep up with new promos or confirmations made by each of the two companies and of course by the mobile tech community. Looks like this year is going to be full of exciting technologies and features in the mobile industry. So, let's kickback, relax and enjoy what the competition between major manufacturers is going to bring us!

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