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Apple is working on a new 5G-enabled iPad with a foldable display and may release it in 2020, according to media. Apple is emerging a foldable iPad, which would presumably compete with Microsoft’s rumored dual-screen Surface tablet. The device will most probably be fueled by the Cupertino giant’s A-series processor and as implied before, it is expected to offer 5G connectivity.

However, the launch time is a bit unclear, as the company is unlikely to push out its foldable 5G iPad to the market before releasing a 5G-ready iPhone, which is not planned until 2020 if several reports are to be believed. On the other side, some rumors claim that Apple might end up shipping a 5G-ready iPad before a 5G-enabled iPhone in spring 2020.

Given that Apple’s foldable 5G iPad is tilted to be a Surface competitor, it will most likely feature two screens instead of one enormous folding one. It goes without saying that just like how foldable phones are two in one handset devices; a flexible tablet will apparently be a tablet/laptop hybrid, with a display that might be as large as that of the MacBook.

Apple May Launch A Foldable 5G Ipad

The Chinese publication also seems to have some stories regarding the suppliers that will be providing components for the foldable iPad and also believes that demand for crucial parts is likely to increase if Apple certainly decides to go ahead with its suspected plans of making a foldable iPad.

A foldable 5G iPad would permit users to have a lot more flexibility with capable hardware at any given moment. It would allow more productivity with the inclusion of the new faster bandwidth on the go. Apple has yet to make any announcement regarding this information so loyal fans of the brand should not start making victory laps already.

The product would speciously feature MacBook-sized screens, which isn’t too much of a stretch given that the iPad Pro already tops out in a 12.9-inch size. However, it is easy to visualize how an iPad mini-sized product that could unfold to a 13- or 15-inch screen would be compelling.

The foldable iPad would also support 5G cellular radios for fast mobile internet browsing according to the expert.

Got Cracked Screen?

A foldable 5G iPad will not only be portable, but it will also enable power users to get more done with speeds offered by the next generation of wireless networks. It’s worth stating that Apple hasn’t said anything about such an iPad yet, so don’t get your hopes up too high.

Also, a famed Apple analyst has said that the first 5G-ready iPad is expected to arrive in 2021, but before that, a newer set of components could be released for a new version of the iPad Pro in 2020.

It will be interesting to see what Apple would do to make a foldable tablet that is not marred with issues. To offer a compelling product, Apple will also have to make its OS ready for foldable devices for a seamless experience while switching between modes.

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