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March 2017

Ultra Flexible USB Charging Cable for iPhone and Android (Military Grade)

2017-07-03T16:52:12+00:00 By |

Ultra Flexible USB Charging Cable for iPhone and Android (Military Grade) This Ultra Flexible USB charging Cable for iPhone and Android can charge your phone anywhere you go with a simple USB jack. It's also perfect for being your portable tripod to capture your favorite moments! The Search for perfect charging cable is over... Finally!!! One accessory alone that replaces your [...]

February 2017

iFixScreens Deal Of The Month

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iFixScreens Deal Of The Month - Stop By Today & Save Money On Repairs Of Your Broken Devices. #1 Source for all Smartphone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablet, Mac, PC, and Game Console Repairs. Get your fix today! *iPhone 6S Glass Repair $109.99 *iPhone 6 Glass Repair $89.99 *iPad 2 Glass Repair $79.99 *iPad 3/4 Glass Repair $89.99 [...]

July 2016

How To Expand Your iPhone Storage

2017-04-17T06:41:00+00:00 By |

How To Expand Your iPhone Storage One of the most painful things for iPhone users is that they cannot expand their iPhone storage. Apple is even still sticking to small 16GB models till now, which is not sufficient for most users. Also, there is no expansion via any type of cards like MicroSD in iPhones surely. Looks like this [...]

February 2016

Virtual Reality Headsets – The Future of Wearables

2017-04-17T13:29:00+00:00 By |

The Future of  Wearables Virtual Reality headsets are becoming one of the most popular wearables nowadays. The main concept of virtual reality is a full immersion into a new “virtual world”. Such experience is very suitable for gaming for example. In this article, we make a brief introduction about the virtual reality experience and popular VR headsets in the [...]

May 2015

Apple Watch a Flunk?

2017-04-19T12:46:22+00:00 By |

Apple Watch a Flunk? When Apple first unveiled a new smart-watch it seemed like maybe this is what the smart watch world needed. A watch from Apple. Maybe things would be different. Maybe Apple would change the world yet again! .. Or not… The Apple Watch that starts Retail at around 500USD has been deemed not a device ready [...]