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June 2016

Top 5 Smartwatches To Buy in 2016

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Top 5 Smartwatches To Buy in 2016 Do you want to buy a wearable companion for your smartphone? Check these top 5 smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Pebble, they are the best smartwatches to buy in 2016. Technology has become more and more essential to our lives, some of us can’t image the world without a smartphone, [...]

May 2016

Google Home: Your Digital Assistant at Home!

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Google Home: Your Digital Assistant at Home! Personal assistants are very popular tools to help you get organized and search for things quickly through voice commands. Many digital personal assistants are found in mobile devices such as Siri for Apple devices, Google Now for Android devices and Microsoft's Cortana. Looks like digital assistants are moving from mobile devices to [...]

HoloFlex Smartphone From The Future

2017-04-17T07:45:33+00:00 By |

HoloFlex Smartphone From The Future A group of researchers at the Human Media Lab of Queen’s University in Canada has recently developed a unique smartphone. The new smartphone is called HoloFlex and it makes use of a holographic display. The new device also has a flexible body. Let’s have a look at this new prototype in this article. [...]

February 2016

Virtual Reality Headsets – The Future of Wearables

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The Future of  Wearables Virtual Reality headsets are becoming one of the most popular wearables nowadays. The main concept of virtual reality is a full immersion into a new “virtual world”. Such experience is very suitable for gaming for example. In this article, we make a brief introduction about the virtual reality experience and popular VR headsets in the [...]

January 2016

SmartWatch The Best Companion For Your Smartphone

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  SmartWatch The Best Companion For Your Smartphone If you don't have a Smartwatch already, you should start thinking of having one! They are neat, fashionable, and they are turning to be a part of your everyday life. In this article we talk about smartwatches market and the main challenges concerning them.   Wearable technology has been trending throughout [...]