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Google DayDream View: The New VR Headset

Google has been trying to bring VR technology to mobile phones. One of the most popular trails was the Google Cardboard, which was a disposable VR headset. It aimed at providing VR experience for users at a low cost with simple design. However, it was not that robust, at least not like other fancy VR headsets available in the market of course, such as Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift which we have reviewed in a previous post. In this article, we get to know the new Google VR headset.

Google Daydream ViewAlong with the announcement of the new Pixel Phones, Google has revealed Daydream headset. And of course, Pixel and Pixel XL are among the first mobiles to be supported by Daydream. Daydream is going to provide higher VR experience than its ancestor Cardboard. However, Daydream is still a cheap alternative to the other fancy VR headset, providing high quality experience for Android Nougat users.

DayDream Design

DayDream view has a material design. It also has a latch in front to drop your phone in. For phone support, Pixel and Pixel XL are already DayDream ready. They are your best choice now if you want to try DayDream soon. However, many manufactures such as Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE and Asus, are producing phones that are ready to use DayDream.

DayDream VR Features

Google Daydream ViewTo provide you with the VR experience, DayDream will run apps and games from the play store. Google is building the DayDream version of its apps such as YouTube, Maps, Play Movies, Photos which will be available after the launch of the DayDream platform. Google claims that there will be about 50 apps and games on the DayDream platform by the end of 2016. Also, HBO, Netflix and Hulu are building DayDream apps which are expected to be in the store during the next few months.

The Google DayDream View headset will be out this November. Pixel and Pixel XL are already DayDream ready. The price of the headset along with the controller will be $79.

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