iPhone 6 Screen Replacement in 4 Minutes

iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6 Screen.

Did you drop you iPhone 6 and shattered the screen?

Do you have technical skills for fixing your iPhone 6 screen with your own hands?

  • Remove both screws from the bottom of your iPhone 6
  • Use the suction cup to pull the screen up, separating it from the body
  • Hold the screen so it doesn’t rip the connectors
  • Then remove all 5 screws from the metal plate inside
  • Using the pick, carefully separate the connectors
  • Remove all six screws from the sides of the screen
  • Remove the three screws from the camera section
  • Remove the two screws form the home button
  • Disassemble the camera section (this require a lot of patience, for this section has many layers)
  • Carefully unplug the small connector next to the home button
  • Remove the home button and set aside.
  • Take off your metal plate and transfer it to your new screen
  • Screw all the six screws back on.
  • Reassemble the top parts again, making sure each plate fits back in it’s place.
  • Place the metal plate back and the three screws again.
  • Then screw the metal plate back on the home button
  • Now your screen is ready to use.
  • Plug the connectors back together one-by-one.
  • Place the metal plate back and screw the five screws back in it’s place.
  • To close the screen, push up and in. Then press down to fully close.
  • Finally, screw the remaining two screws back in.

If something went wrong or you decided to have a professional to look into it, please visit your nearest iFixScreens.com for help.

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