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5 Best Tips: How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer?

It's very obvious that smartphone battery technologies are way lagging behind the increased need to consuming more power in mobile devices in general. Bigger screens and higher processing requirements are hungry for more power while technology can not support those increasing demands. Till battery technologies come with a better solution, the best we can do is to optimize mobile devices uses for power consumption. In this article & infographic we are talking about some of those optimization methods.

How To Make Your Battery Last Longer Infographic By I Fix Screens


1. Screens

A.K.A Batteries Worst Enemy, It is not a secret that screens are one of the biggest battery drain sources. There are some ways one can use to cut off some of the drained power because of the screen.  It is very advisable to disable the "auto brightness mode" in your Smartphone. Instead, you can set the screen brightness to the lowest level possible yet comfortable to your eyes. Applying this tip should greatly enhance your battery life. You can also set a lower screen timeout period. This can always save wasted power consumption during idle times.

2. Connectivity Features

You don't have to use all the features available on your phone all the time. Turning off unnecessary features such as gestures and auto rotate should decrease power consumption of your phone. Also, using Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC consume different amounts of power. For location, you can turn off the GPS and set the location mode to "Battery Saving," which uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks to find location instead of using GPS. Also, if you use Wi-Fi as the main feature to connect to the internet, it would be less power consuming if it is always on rather than turning it off and reconnecting each time.  Using "airplane mode" in cases of no connectivity needed is very recommended.

3. Apps

Apps make battery bleeds in the background, Lots of apps run in the background and unnecessarily waste battery. However, you don't really need most of those apps running. Check apps that run in the background using the multitasking button and kill the ones you do not need. That should usually save your device some energy.

4. Don't Use Vibration

Using vibration for call notification uses a lot of energy. The vibration motor is used to shake the whole phone which needs lots of power. Alternatively, it is recommended to use ringtone mode for call notifications. However, if you don't like using ringtones, you can use silent mode and keep your mobile insight to see whenever a call comes.

5. Using Auto Power Optimization

If you are an Android user, you should probably update to Android M if you haven't already done. Android M comes with a great feature called Doze. Doze helps you achieve great battery savings. After you install Android M, Doze enabled by default. Doze feature makes your phone enter into a sleep  state when it is not used for a certain period. However, you'll still receive notifications from high priority apps. Also, if you cannot upgrade to Android M you can always use the power saving mode. It is available in almost all versions and some vendor customization provides the same functionality.

If you faced any problem with your mobile battery and you can't solve it with the above techniques you should then change the battery of your phone or visit any of iFixScreens stores for help.

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