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Smartwatch The Best Companion For Your Smartphone

SmartWatch The Best Companion For Your Smartphone

If you don't have a Smartwatch already, you should start thinking of having one! They are neat, fashionable, and they are turning to be a part of your everyday life. In this article we talk about smartwatches market and the main challenges concerning them.

Wearable technology has been trending throughout the last few years. One of the most popular forms of wearables is smartwatches. Smartwatches are the best companion for your Smartphone. They provide you with the most important information you need while you don't need to get your phone out of your pocket. Another key reason for having a Smartwatch is to track your fitness progress.

Smartwatches provide a quick way to check your notifications, control your music player, and be fit! They are best needed when you cannot constantly get your phone out of your pocket to check for things. For example, when you're doing sports or when you're in a middle of a business meeting. This kind of wearable technology is developing fast and gaining more popularity over time. Smartwatches differ in their capabilities and how much they can perform. There is always a trade off between features and battery life. If you choose a Smartwatch which does lots of things, you should not expect long battery life. Also, you should surely choose a compatible one with your phone.

Iwatch Smartwatch

Apple released its Smartwatch called "Apple Watch" in 2015 which was announced earlier in 2014. Apple Watch runs the WatchOS. Apple Watch received lots of criticism because of its battery life issues. However, the Apple Watch provides a comprehensive, fashionable experience with the support of maps, music, messages, phone calls and Apple Pay. It also supports the Apple digital assistant "Siri", which you can use her help to begin a workout, get directions or check your schedule. You can also use Apple Pay to safely make purchases from your watch and of course you can get detailed measurements during workout to keep you on track. If there would be other smartwatches for iPhone, certainly the Apple Watch must be your choice. In a nutshell, the Apple Watch provides a great experience, but there is still more to offer.

Android Smartwatch

Now let's have a look over Android watches. There are a variety of smartwatches for Android as many manufacturers compete in the field. One of the best smartwatches for Android in the market is the Motorola Moto 360 2. It has better battery life than its predecessor first generation of Moto 360. The watch comes with great hardware quality and neat style with all the features you'd need in today's Smartwatch. There's also another "Sportier" edition of this watch called Moto 360 Sport, which is regarded the second smartwatch in the world to have GPS, after Sony SmartWatch 3. Another great watch in the market is Huawei Watch. However, its heart rate monitor doesn't work very well and it doesn't have GPS.

Pebble Smartwatch

Another great product in the market that absolutely worth mentioning is the Pebble Watch. The Pebble Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS phones. It can be customized to exactly fit your needs. It has a music controller, phone calls and message notifications. The Pebble Watch comes in two different flavors: Classic and Time. The classic watch provides the basic mentioned functions with a black-and-white display and a battery that lasts for 7 days per charge. The Pebble Time is a more sophisticated version which introduces a new way for interaction with the watch called "Timeline". With timeline, you can get all the information you're interested in a touch of a button. It provides more features than that of the basic version such as calendars, weather, alarms and fitness tracking. You can download a variety of apps (WatchApps) to your watch.

Introducing smartwatches has motivated a new kind of rivalry between different companies. While tech companies such as Apple, Motorola, Samsung "Galaxy Gear", LG, Huwaei and others have released some smartwatches, traditional watch manufacturers have entered the game. Companies such as Fossil, Casio and Gucci are starting to release smartwatches for both Android and iPhone users. Also, Athletes company New Balance has announced the creation of a Digital Sports Division. That division would be responsible for wearables for sports. Their first product is going to be an Android Wear Smartwatch. End-users are the ultimate benefits from such a rivalry and looks like we are going to see a lot of development regarding Smartwaches so let's wait and see!

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