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How To Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption

Here's how to cut down your mobile data consumption in few simple steps. Mobile data (i.e. using 3G/4G networks) is fundamental to all smartphones users. Why else would you use a smartphone? However, mobile data bandwidth is not cheap. Many users accidentally exceed their monthly quota without making the best out of it. We'll show you how to cut down your mobile data usage and make good use of it.

There are many ways to control your mobile data usage. You can use the help of apps and operating system features that might need special care to tune according to your preferences and mobile data plan. One of the most mobile data consuming activities is social media. Most of us spend a lot of time on social media apps, especially Facebook. The Facebook app is known to be a very mobile-data-hungry application. We think that the best option to save your megabytes is to abandon the Facebook app and access your Facebook account from the browser. You will definitely feel a significant difference.

(1)Google Chrome Settings – Data Saver

While you use your browser, you can save more data. If you are using Chrome, there is a great feature called "Data Saver". You can access this feature by opening Chrome, going to Settings then Data Saver. Data Saver works by initially compressing the web pages you request before downloading them. That actually introduces a slight overhead translated into a tiny delay which you can get used to. That very small delay is totally worth it and can save you a big deal of wasted mobile data.

Google Chrome Settings- Data SaverMobile Data Saver

(2) Inspecting Data Usage And Restricting Background Data

A huge percentage of used mobile data are consumed via background services such as synchronization and notifications. For background services, you can totally cut off the data from them by going to Settings, Data Usage and then choose Restrict Background Data. You can enable it back anytime you want. Other Google Services also sync in the background, such as the mail and Google Docs. You can disable and enable synchronization for the services you need by going into Settings, Accounts then Google and enable or disable the synchronization of individual services. If you have other apps that do sync a lot, it's very likely that each app would have settings to enable or disable data synchronization.

Inspecting Data Usage And Restricting Background Data

(3) Disable Automatic Updates

One of the most important procedures you should take is to disable automatic updates while you're on mobile data (if it's not already disabled). You need to open Play Store, go to Settings, then to Auto-Update Apps. Make sure you select Do not auto-update apps or Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only. You need to periodically check how your applications use mobile data. You can go to Settings, Data Usage. This shows you how much each individual app uses of the mobile data. You can then decide to remove it or limit your usage if you can.

Disabling Auto-Update From Play Store Settings

(4)Android Can't Help You Alone !

Regarding mobile data, Android can not help you alone. Sometimes, you need to watch your activity and control your usage. For example, you don't need to be connected to the internet 24/7. Set data alerts and limits. You can create warnings using the Data Usage section from Settings. These warnings can tell you when you have exceeded a number of megabytes or gigabytes that you specify.

Set Data Alerts And Limits

(5) Get Used To Using Wi-Fi Whenever And Wherever It's Available.

You can also get used to using Wi-Fi whenever and wherever it's available.Whenever you're in the house, or at the office, there's a good chance you can switch from your mobile data connection to Wi-Fi.You need to limit streaming media online and use offline media whenever available. You don't want to download large files using mobile data unless it's an emergency. You don't want to play online games for long periods. You can make sure games you're playing don't need an internet connection (unless they're multi-player games). You can also search for apps on the Play Store which help you control your mobile data usage.

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Reduce Your Mobile Data Consumption

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