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Recently there were quite rumours regarding multiple claims, but finally, dust seems to settle, and finally, things seem to be looking clearer. And there have been few insights released by the most reliable folks in the iPhone community regarding,

iPhone 13 And 13 Pro Details Leaked!

So let’s see what the upgrades that we would see in the iPhone 13 are. Being the biggest fan of iPhone 12, we can’t wait to see the juicy upgrades apple will come up with. So let’s not waste time and dig in.

iPhone Camera 

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the first story of the day is that Apple will finally be getting rid of the notch, and they’re going to favour a punch whole selfie camera instead. Of course, this will be for the 2022 iPhones and not the iPhone 13, but it’s still an unexpected move. 

However, the news also comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, who is as reliable as it gets when it comes to iPhone leaks. In his latest notes, he stated that at least the high-end 2022 iPhones would have a punch-out selfie camera, and if the production yields are good enough, then all models will use the design. 

iPhone 13 Face Id

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It will be interesting to see how face id is then implemented into the punch hole design as if there’s only one camera. Unfortunately, it means that they’re going to either have to settle for a less secured face-ID or removed it altogether; maybe they’ve designed a way to have the face id sensors embedded in the display. 

However, many had hoped for a periscope lens in at least the premium models of the iPhone 13, if not in all the models but unfortunately, in Ming-Chi Kuo latest published note, he states that it isn’t likely to happen until 2023. 

Still, when it comes specifically to the cameras, he advises an improved face id transmitter that could result in a much smaller notch. He further backs up the news of Sensor stabilization cameras coming to the entire lineup of the iPhone 13. 

Port And USB-C

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 Next up, we had news that at least the premium iPhone 13 models would be completely portless, and maybe some could be switching to USB-C. 

This is an interesting one, as is it was ming Chi-Kuo that predicted this in the first place. Still, it was a very early prediction in his latest research note. However, he states that Apple will continue to use the lightning port and continue for the future now. Apparently, its waterproofing specification is higher than USB-C.


But realistically, it’s more down to the profitability with people needing dongles and separate peripherals to use all their accessories; it means apple makes a lot more money. Latest CNBC explains how apple created a billion-dollar market for dongles. Apple gets a licensing fee from its lightning connector manufacturers, and given the number of apple users, it must be talking about some pretty big numbers overall next up. 

Touch ID

Iphone Fingerprint Sensor

We also have a lead that we may not be seeing touch id for the iPhone 13. we’ve all been hoping for this as it would be beneficial to have touch id on top of face id, and given recent times with mass causing issues with face ID, then now it seems like the best time to bring it back. 

But, unfortunately, in Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest research note, he states that and We quote, “we believe that the iPhone will significantly improve the user experience if it takes up the power button with a touch id sensor. However, currently, there is no possibility on the timing of adopting the new specification, so it’s not a definite no. Still, it does seem very unlikely, although as we learned from last year.

 There’s still a lot that can change until the iPhone 13 is finalized, and currently, it also makes no mention of the fingerprint sensor embedded into the display, so of course, there’s always hope for that. 

iPhone Display

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Good news for online gamers as iPhone display will carry on with the 120 Hz refresh rate. About time; as Android devices are already leading up the charge, it was high time we see it in iPhone. However, we were desperately waiting for it in iPhone 12 only, but better late than never. 

There would be some battery issues with a 120 Hz refresh rate but let’s see how Apple deals with a high power-consuming refresh rate.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the leaked details about the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro on our website have sparked anticipation and excitement among tech enthusiasts. As rumors hint at impressive features and enhancements, it's essential to keep an eye out for the official release to confirm the innovations Apple has in store. Stay informed through our platform to get the latest updates on these upcoming devices, including improvements in camera technology, processing power, and overall user experience. Whether you're a devoted Apple fan or simply curious about the latest advancements in smartphones, these leaks offer a tantalizing glimpse into what the future holds for iPhone users. As we eagerly await the official unveiling, we'll continue to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

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