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Why 14 Inch MacBook M1X Will Be The Best Laptop Ever Created?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Explore why the 14-inch MacBook M1X could redefine the laptop experience.
  • Discover the anticipated features that might make the 14-inch MacBook M1X the ultimate laptop.
  • Learn about the potential capabilities of the 14-inch MacBook M1X and how they could enhance productivity.
  • Find out how the combination of performance and design in the 14-inch MacBook M1X could set new standards.
  • Stay informed about the exciting developments surrounding the highly anticipated 14-inch MacBook M1X.

Journey Of MacBook M1

Apple has always been a milestone setter from its very inception. Apple has taken many steps that would revolutionize the industry or better the world. From its Apple 2 to GUI (graphic user interface) & from iPod to iPhones, many others like outdating ADB, SCSI, floppy drive, etc. In short, Apple .inc has taken many bold steps, but this one seems to be one of its best, seeing its future implications, one of the top 3. You cant probably imagine the consequences and changes it would bring to the industry.

Intel And Its X86

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Let’s start from the beginning; Intel is no unfamiliar brand name to us, Most of the chips in our computers today we see are of intel only. It still covers its major chunk of the market through its X86 chips. X89 was the gold standard for PC from the beginning, as it had delivered some amazing chips, from Pentium to current I generation chips. But somewhere down the line, they lost their way.

In the struggle to make it more sophisticated, they were making it more complex. as a result, the chips were made so that even simple multitasking required heavy calculations and protocols on the processor side. Which indeed made them power-hungry monsters. For example, like literally whooping numbers, Core i7-6950X runs at 140 watts (seriously, my towel heater works at those watt levels). No wonder our laptops need those heavy, noisy fans to keep them cool.

(FUN FACT: One of the blunders in tech history is that ARM working on RISC and the chips inside your mobiles were on the table of integrals CEO to be acquired, but he, like Yahoo, rejected the opportunity.)

X86 Vs Change

However, due to its bulky size, large power requirements, heating issues, and whatnot, X89 can’t be used in mobile technology. And intel CEO at that time told in the Apple launch event, besides standing Steve Jobs that mobile technology won’t go scalable, He thought that apple is too small for them. They won’t recover enough money that they would put into the research for the chips for iPhone. Daam, that guy was wrong. Almost a trillion dollars wrong.

Arm Leading The Charge

After that, ARM becomes a standard in the phone chip industry, and technology flourished with the growth of Smartphones. At the same time, our phones were getting smarter and faster with better battery lives. Somewhere down the line, laptops were getting from bad to worst along the time. we mean from Pentium 1 (15.5 Watts) to Pentium 4 HT 541 (84 Watts) to I7 (140 Watts) thanks to those X86 Chips. 

Here’s To The Crazy Ones

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Now to the Big revolutionary Step, we were talking about. Last year Apple ditched intel’s power-hungry and inefficient chips and decided to develop a laptop based on RISC technology(ARM technology). And we see a huge difference (almost threefold) in power, performance, smoothness, everything. My writing on MacBook M1 from MacBook M1 is weird, though. But still seeing my laptop’s smooth and swift work on heavy multitasking and that also without a fan is magic only.

The best part about it is apple told in its event is it is just a trailer and not a full-fledged product. And there is no reason not to believe it. If apple keeps even 1/3 of its promise to deliver ten times better product in its next MacBook M1 14/16 inch, then it would be light years ahead of others. Who would still be stuck with Intel X89, and it is not like others haven’t tried ARM technology on their laptop before. Apple just did a million times better job perfecting it. So imagine the possibility of a better MacBook M1 14/16.

Low On The Downside Of M1

Let’s go through the downside and limitations of the current 13? MacBook M1 Pro as there are so few of them, but we still…

First of all, it only has two Thunderbolt ports, which many people have complained about even though the Intel model it replaced also had two ports. The performance of the M1 is great, but it doesn’t give you much more value than the MacBook M1 Air which has the same chip. And in terms of graphics performance, it’s impressive considering it’s an integrated design.

On top of that, it uses the same display it’s been using for a few years now, and the design is identical to the older Intel models. One last thing on the downside is upgradability and repairability. As these devices are getting slimmer, Apple intentionally is making them less repairable and upgradable. However, we have seen in the new DELL XPS 13/15/17 inch compact yet upgradable and reparable is a possibility. So the biggest flaw in MacBooks for quite a while is its limited and not so upgradable devices.

Macbook M1

So while the MacBook M1 Pro is great, it has its limitations, so with that in mind,

let’s dig into why the 14 inches MacBook M1 Pro will be the BEST laptop ever, starting with the leaks and rumors. We’ve been hearing a lot about the 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro redesign for a very long time now, even back in March when Kuo reported that a new 14.1? model with a Mini-LED display was in the works.

A few months later, the reliable leaker LovetoDream said that a 14? MacBook M1 Pro is coming in 2021. And then, over the next three months, the same rumor was repeated by Trendforce and various other analysts, all pointing to a 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro coming in 2021. We even got rumors that the new 14 and 16? models with Apple Silicon chips will greatly boost market share up to 7%, which is a huge jump! (an understatement)

And then, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that 14 and 16 inch MacBook M1 Pro models are coming in the 3rd quarter of 2021 with some massive changes! Like M1 14 would be completely redesigned with a new flat-edged look more in line with Apple’s modern design language. Even more exciting, Apple is expected to bring back the MagSafe charger to these MacBooks, which was missing since the 2016 redesign of the MacBook Pro, and they may even ditch the Touch Bar in favor of physical function keys. (controversial as many people liked it)

And better, Kuo says that we should expect a wider variety of ports on the new 14? and 16? MacBooks, which is also one of the things people have been complaining about for years, if not decades.

And then, at the same time, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg confirmed all of those rumors, which is helping out the case since he’s a very reliable leaker. A week after that, Mark added more weight to the rumor about the 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro getting an SD card reader, which is very exciting since you currently need some dongle

to transfer data. (If true, this would give a big jerk to the dongle market and a big relief to MacBook users) And then Mark once again mentioned Apple ditching the Touch Bar for 2021 MacBook Pros.

And finally, about a week ago, Kuo discussed the casing design, saying that the new models cancel the curvy design and adopt a flat-edged form factor similar to the iPhone 12. This might seem like a very weird change, but it makes sense since the iPad already moved onto this design, Apple’s 6K Pro Display XDR uses this design, and the future Apple Silicon iMacs most likely will as well.

This is great because it’ll give extra room in the casing for a better 1080P webcam, or maybe even Face ID. A good reason that Apple might add a 1080P webcam is that the Mini-LED display upgrade is almost certainly happening. That display will be thinner than current displays, leaving more room for a better camera.

What Were They Waiting For??

Now, if you’re wondering why Apple has waited so many years to listen to their customer’s complaints and make updates, we think we have a pretty good idea why. we believe that Apple has been working on this Apple Silicon Mac chip transition for many years now, and they knew that they wanted to hold off on a major redesign until they had their new chips ready.

That way, they can come out with one big swoop and knock both the performance aspect and design aspect out of the park, creating the biggest typhoon of upgrades we’ve ever seen in a Mac.

We’re talking about the 14 inches MacBook M1 Pro getting a new redesign, a bunch of features that people have been asking for for years, and the most powerful chip in any laptop, all at once, creating the best value-for-money laptop ever made. 

The Expectation From 14 Inch MacBook M1 Pro

The 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro is soon going to be replacing the high-end $1800 Intel 13? MacBook M1 Pro; because of that, we already know some interesting details about the specs. It will 100% be coming with Four Thunderbolt ports alongside whatever other ports Apple is rumored to be adding, like the SD card slot and maybe a USB-A port. We should expect other features like two cooling fans and better speakers since those are some of the advantages of that higher-end 13? model.

Along with that, we know for sure that it’ll come with 16GB of RAM at the base price and a 512GB SSD since the Intel version already has that. And what’s interesting is that on that Intel model, you have the option of upgrading to 32GB of RAM, and it won’t be wrong if we fully expect Apple to give the new 14? the same option.

Long back ago, before Apple ever revealed the M1 chip, the Verge reported that Apple was working on a 12-core ARM-based chip for their Apple Silicon. But for some reason, Apple’s M1 ended up only being an 8-core chip, so we believe that the 12-core that was rumored is the M1X which we’ll be seeing in both the new 14 and 16 inches MacBook M1 Pros.

As for the graphics side, I’m expecting a 16-core integrated GPU, basically, 2x more cores compared to the M1, and we estimated the performance to outperform the very best 5600M graphics in the 16 inch MacBook M1 Pro, which is beyond crazy because that machine is priced at $3200 with that GPU upgrade.

This level of performance is exceptional for a 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro, and if you’re worried about battery life, don’t be! The M1X chip will have the same four efficiency cores, which use much less power, so the battery life will match the MacBook M1 Pro while doing common tasks.

And if you consider all of the other features the 14? is expected to get, like the new design, the extra ports, the better Mini-LED display, potentially a better webcam, and everything else, it seems a bit too good to be true.

And in reality, all of that together is why we believe the 14 inch MacBook M1 Pro is going to be the BEST laptop ever made since it’s going to outperform most laptops out there, while at the same time having better battery life and a very superior design for only $1800.

Final Thought:

In conclusion, the 14-inch MacBook M1X is a testament to cutting-edge laptop technology. Its powerful performance, innovative features, and sleek design have already garnered attention as one of the best laptops available. From seamless multitasking to impressive graphics capabilities, this laptop caters to professionals and creative enthusiasts alike. As it continues to make its mark, the 14-inch MacBook M1X solidifies its position as a remarkable achievement in computing, offering an exceptional and unparalleled user experience.


Q: Why is the 14-inch MacBook M1X considered the best laptop ever?

A: The 14-inch MacBook M1X stands out for its powerful M1X chip, stunning Retina display, enhanced performance, and a sleek design, making it a top choice in the laptop market.

Q: What makes the M1X chip in the MacBook special?

A: The M1X chip is a powerful and efficient processor designed by Apple, offering impressive speed, improved graphics, and optimized performance for a seamless user experience.

Q: How does the Retina display contribute to the MacBook's appeal?

A: The Retina display on the 14-inch MacBook M1X provides vibrant colors, sharp resolution, and excellent clarity, enhancing visual experiences for users, whether they're working, watching, or creating content.

Q: What performance enhancements can users expect from the 14-inch MacBook M1X?

A: The MacBook M1X boasts enhanced performance in terms of speed, multitasking capabilities, and energy efficiency, ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience for various tasks.

Q: Is the sleek design of the 14-inch MacBook M1X a significant factor?

A: Yes, the sleek and compact design adds to the MacBook's appeal, making it highly portable while maintaining the premium look and feel that Apple products are known for.

Q: Are there notable features that set the 14-inch MacBook M1X apart from other laptops?

A: Yes, features like the M1X chip, Retina display, impressive battery life, and the macOS ecosystem contribute to making the 14-inch MacBook stand out as one of the best laptops available.

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