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Great Future & Impact Of 5G: How It Will Impact In Industries?

The world is several steps closer to the widespread implementation of 5G, a technology that will impact customers as well as a broad range of industries.

The goal of 5G is to offer three main services:

  1. An enhanced mobile broadband
  2. Ultra-low latency
  3. Massive connectivity for machines

The Impact Of 5G In Industry

Here are the industries that will be most affected by 5G:

  • Smartphone industries

Most of the manufacturers are expected to launch 5G smartphones in 2019. Here’s where some of the major manufacturers stand on 5G smartphones at this exact moment.

Samsung:  Samsung and Verizon have declared their idea to release a 5G smartphone in the first 6 months of 2019, though reports are clashed over whether the device will be an S10.

Samsung is emerging 5G modem the Exynos 5100 which is likely to be used for international variants of the 5G smartphone. But will Samsung’s folding, dual-screen Samsung smartphone also include 5G? Cross fingered.

OnePlus: At the Qualcomm 4G/5G summit in Hong Kong, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei confirmed that they will be ready to introduce a 5G smartphone by the end of 2019. But this phone won’t be the OnePlus 7. Instead, it will be part of a new version of the OnePlus 6T or 7.

Google: Google hasn’t announced any 5G but Verizon has. Verizon has been Google’s choice of carrier partner for several years and they’re planning to roll 5G services out in early 2019 – which open the door for the Pixel 4 to adopt 5G capabilities. October 2019 would match the Pixel’s launch schedule

Apple: According to rumors, Apple is expected to wait until 2020 to release a 5G smartphone, The Company prefers to integrate cellular technologies when they feel able to deliver a smooth user experience. It seems that 2019 will only be the start of a long and evolving 5G revolution.

  • Manufacturing

5G is poised to help manufacturing production operations become more flexible and efficient, while also improving safety and lowering maintenance costs.

  • Energy and Utilities

Infrastructure like energy and utilities will profit from 5G technologies, which could create more innovative solutions in energy production, transmission, distribution, and usage, as well as the next wave of smart grid features and efficiency.

  • Retail

More than 100 million Americans made a purchase on their smartphone in 2018, the report noted, and the move to mobile shopping is largely due to the rise of 4G/LTE. The faster speeds 5G will bring will enable new retail experiences like virtual reality (VR) dressing rooms.

  • Financial Services

5G will accelerate the digitization of financial institutions, including from internal operations to customer service, the report said. Increased security and speed will allow users to increasingly make transactions instantly on their devices, and make remote tellers a possibility.

  • Media and Entertainment

5G will brings new opportunities in mobile media, mobile advertising, home broadband, and TV, as well as interactive technologies like VR and augmented reality (AR).

  • Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, 5G could increase efficiencies and revenue, helping health systems create faster, more efficient networks to keep up with the large amounts of data involved. The technology could also enable the use of remote monitoring devices to improve health outcomes.

  • Transportation

Transportation systems ranging from public buses to private logistic fleets will gain increased visibility and control thanks to 5G, the report said. 5G will allow improved vehicle-to-vehicle communications, enabling more self-driving car testing. These networks will also help cities gain access to more data around their transportation systems.

  • AR/VR

The upcoming days of AR and VR depend on trustworthy 5G networks, according to the report. These technologies require a less expensive, wider network with lower latency to continue developing and reaching widespread adoption, as they require massive amounts of data processing.

  • Insurance

5G will help insurance agents make more effective decisions, as they will have access to more accurate data, the report said.

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