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Common iPhone 8 Problems And How To Fix Them

iPhone 8 embodies Apple’s continuing environmental progress. They are designed with the subsequent features to reduce environmental impact:

  • Arsenic-free display glass
  • Mercury-free LED-back-lit display
  • PVC-free
  • Beryllium-free
  • Highly recyclable aluminum

Whether your iPhone 8 fell and you cracked your iPhone 8 screen or back, or you need help with any other number of iPhone 8 problems, book an appointment for an iPhone repair session and we’ll meet you and your phone wherever is most convenient for you.

Iphone 8 Screen Repair

Keep Your Software Updated To Avoid Common iPhone 8 Issues.

Avoid iPhone 8 problems by keeping your phone updated to the latest version of iOS 11.

iPhone 8 Update Problems

As with all new iOS releases, it took a few weeks and several patches to get rid of the initial bugs. Meanwhile, other iPhone 8 problems surfaced instead. As always, there’s a transition period in which software updates are frequently sent to take care of recently found iPhone 8 update problems.

iPhone 8 Won’t Connect To WiFi

Another widely reported annoyance is when your iPhone 8 won’t connect to WiFi. At iFixScreens we’ve accumulated several iPhone 8 WiFi connectivity complaints. The most common WiFi-related iPhone 8 problems are: not being able to connect to a WiFi network, WiFi connection keeps dropping, slow speed over a WiFi connection, and repeatedly getting the “incorrect password” message.

How To Reset Network Settings On iPhone 8:

  • Go to Settings -> General
  • Tap “Reset” and then choose “Reset Network Settings”
  • You will be asked to enter your passcode and confirm again
  • Try connecting to the desired WiFi network or Bluetooth device once more
  • iFixScreens has the fix for your iPhone 8 problems

iPhone 8 Bluetooth Problems

Bluetooth connectivity became further important ever since the iPhone 7 when Apple got rid of the earphone jack. Having iPhone 8 Bluetooth problems means you can’t pair your music with your Air Pods – which is almost like watching a TV with no sound.

Thus, ensure to update your iOS 11 to the latest version to avoid Bluetooth problems. If you’re still experiencing iPhone 8 Bluetooth issues, here’s a way to proceed:

1) Try turning Bluetooth off, rebooting, and turning Bluetooth back on again:

2) Try forgetting the un/paired device

3) Reset network settings

The iPhone 8 Swelling Battery Issue

Of all iPhone 8 issues, the swelling battery is certainly the most buzzed-about (though most likely the least widespread). Some reports have surfaced worldwide that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus batteries have a tendency to expand. This causes the phone to split, detaching the screen from the back, and making for great footage.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are top-of-the-line handsets and we at iFixScreens enjoy servicing them. The most common iPhone 8 problem is one that can’t be solved with buttons and software updates – it’s a broken iPhone 8 screen. Though Apple states the iPhone 8 and 8 plus are designed with “the most durable glass ever in a smartphone,” the fact that both front and back are made of this durable glass put the iPhone 8 at a higher risk of smashing.

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