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Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends in 2016 You Can't Wait to See!

Excited about the new year? The entire community of mobile technology is very eager to see what 2016 is bringing to the field. In this article we shed light on the most important technology trends in 2016 regarding mobile devices. This article is based on recent reports and experts' expectations.


1. Internet of Things

Internet Icon

Internet of things is the network between different devices and sensors in which they communicate their internal states and external environmental states. This network is expected to expand greatly and the interaction between different devices and sensors is going to be much more cooperative. This will effectively affect user experience. The user experience will be extremely customized depending on his current environment and personal preferences thanks to the convergence of different devices in IoT manner. Devices are going to use IoT platforms which are responsible for managing, integrating and securing different network nodes to cope with the enormous expansion of IoT networks.

2. Seamless Online Payment

Online Payment

Smartphones and similar mobile devices have become the major choice for internet access. According to a report by KPCB, 51% of internet usage are through mobile devices. As online payment is a vital part of the internet service to both customers and businesses, it is required that the payment process  via mobile devices becomes seamless. One important objective is to make purchasing simple and easy as customers will have digital wallets where they can buy on-the-fly by simply using one of their credit cards stored in their digital wallets. Apple and other companies are working hard in that direction and it's expected that 2016 will witness a huge improvement regarding online payments using mobile devices.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable Smartwatch

The need to continuously check updates and get notifications and news feed while working or doing sports was the main motivation to introduce wearable technology. While pulling out a Smartphone or tablet to check your mail or get notifications may be not suitable in many cases during work day or doing sports, wearable devices such as smartwatches are very practical and convenient for those cases. Although current progress regarding wearable is not enough (however, some products are already in action, such as the Apple Watch), it is expected that businesses are going to figure out how to make the most of this technology starting from 2016.

4. Enhanced Security

Retina Scan Security

Almost all Smartphones include some sort of security, such as the screen lock using a pattern or a pin. Smartphone security is expected to improve and include more complex authentication methods. The need to increase the security level applied over a Smartphone comes from the fact that Smartphones are now used in almost all kinds of activities (i.e. Payments and business stuff).Smartphones contain much more sensitive data than they used to. Security here is not limited to locking the device's screen, but should also include authentication of sensitive actions such as online purchase and sending business-related data to the cloud. Companies are examining some biometric identification techniques on Smartphones. New authentication methods have appeared such as fingerprint scanning, which is implemented in many modern Smartphones. In 2016, Smartphones are expected to include much more advanced techniques such as retina scanning. In 2015, Fujistu already introduced Arrows NX F-04G which is considered the world's first to offer retina scanning, however the sales were not high as expected. People in the field say that your eyes will literally be your key to the future.

5. Phones with Foldable Display

Phones With Foldable Display

While having devices with bendable screen may sound not realistic nowadays, reports indicate that such technology may be available very soon. Reports state that Samsung is currently working on a Smartphone with foldable screen. This Smartphone is expected to be released in a few months. Foldable technology offers great flexibility regarding mobility and device size, which are of the main concerns for Smartphone manufacturers. Another advantage of having foldable displays is strength. This kind of technology should enable us to build unbreakable displays. While no serious products using this technology have been released, we shall wait and see what 2016 brings regarding this kind of technology.

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