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News For Apple Watch Users

News For Apple Watch Users

If you are interested in smart watches, you definitely know about Apple Watch as one of the most popular smart watches in the market. However, Apple Watch users experience some latency and delay while using their watches. Here we are going to examine the causes of that problem and how Apple tried to solve it.

Smartwatch The Best Companion For Your Smartphone

As we talked about smart watches in a previous article, smart watches are gaining more popularity. Many companies have offered different styles and types of Smart Watches to target the widest customer segments possible. Like the traditional Apple products such as iPhone and iPad which have gained a huge popularity, the Apple Watch is considered one of the most popular products in the Smart Watches market.

Smart Watches in general heavily depend on a primary mobile device. For example, the Apple Watch used to depend on iPhone. All Watch apps originally ran on the iPhone and then notifications or certain processing outputs were transmitted to the Apple Watch just to display them. The purpose of that approach was to save as much battery of the Apple Watch as possible. However, battery saving results were not that much. On the other hand, the mentioned approach resulted in slow response in the Apple Watch as it essentially waits for the iPhone to do the processing then send back the results to display which means a lot of delay.

How Apple Watch Will Run Faster?

How Apple Watch Will Run Faster?

Fortunately, the rules are about to change. After the release of the Apple Watches OS 2, developers have been able to publish native apps. Native apps mean that those apps run directly on the watch without having to run on the iPhone first. However, also apps that don't run natively on the Watch were allowed in the Apple Store.

Recently, Apple has announced that all Apple Watch apps are required to run natively on the watch. The new rule will be applied as of June 1st. That means that no more Watch apps that run on the iPhone would be allowed in the App Store. That should be great news for the Watch users as developers would have to make all their apps run natively on the Watch. This, in theory, should make the Apple Watch faster as the wait time in the old approach is eliminated. Apps won't wait for the iPhone to do the processing and send the results to the watch. The new rule ensures that new native Watch Apps would be at least faster than older counterparts which ran on iPhone.

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