Google DayDream View: The New VR Headset

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Google DayDream View

Google New VR Headset DayDream Google has been trying to bring VR technology to mobile phones. One of the most popular trails was the Google Cardboard, which was a disposable VR headset. It aimed at providing VR experience for users at a low cost with simple design. However, it was not that robust, at least not like other fancy VR … Read More

Google Pixel and Pixel XL: The New Google Phone

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Pixel and Pixel XL Google New Phone

We’re excited to introduce to you the next big thing in smartphone technology! The all new Google Pixel! As one of our tech gurus I spoke with said “With Google behind Pixel,  I am sure it will dominate the smartphone industry and raise the bar in terms of competition”. More competition means smarter and more powerful phones and we can’t … Read More

Google Now on Tap

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Google Now

One of the greatest features that came with Android Marshmallow is Google Now on Tap. With Google Now, when you long-press the home button, Google Now shows up Google Now Cards that you set up. Now, in Android Marshmallow you can do more with Google Now on Tap. In this article we are going through this great feature and how … Read More

Google Ara Will Be Released To Consumers in 2017

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Google Ara Project

Google has previously released its popular Nexus phones which are considered standard Android phones in the world. However, Google didn’t produce the hardware for these phones itself. Nexus phones have been built by other Google partners. For example, the Nexus 5 phone was built by LG and the Nexus 6P was manufactured by Huawei. The next year will witness the … Read More

Android N Developer Preview New Features

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android nougat

Android N Developer Preview New Features Google has released its first developer preview of the upcoming Android version, Android N, which they recently admitted to be Nougat, not Nutella after all. Google used to release such preview for the last two versions (Android L and M) at Google I/O. With this version, it’s a bit different. Google has released its … Read More

Best Apps for Drivers

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With it now officially being summer, road trips are extremely popular! It’s a good idea to have a great navigation app that offers more than just turn-by-turn directions. Grab your favorite app with a playlist or Pandora and you’re all set to hit the road! I’ve personally defined a solid navigation app that offers turn-by-turn directions, bicycle routes, traffic updates, … Read More

Google Clock

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If you absolutely dislike the clock on your phone, or just curious then make sure to download the Google clock app from the Play Store. The Google clock app functions as an alarm, timer, stopwatch, or of course a world clock. This app also works with Google Now’s voice commands. When you say, “OK Google, set an alarm” the app … Read More

Google Maps Just Got Cooler!

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Google Maps Cool Updates ! Google Maps Transit has expanded its public-transit directions. Real-time bus and train information was already available in places such as New York City, but  just added more than 25 partner cities in four countries with real-time transit directions. Google, now says its transit directions are available in more than 18,000 cities in 64 countries and … Read More

Android 5.0 Lollipop Releases

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Android 5.0 Lollipop Releases A number of Android devices have just received the Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Verizon has released the update for the Galaxy Note 3, AT&T and T-Mobile for the LG G2 and AT&T for the Galaxy Alpha and S5 Active. The easiest way to install the update is by using Samsung Kies. Just download the latest version … Read More

Remove Birthdays from Google Calendar

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How to Remove Birthdays from Google Calendar On the left-hand side of your calendar page, look for a section titled My calendars, and then click the arrow to its right. Then click Settings. You’ll arrive at a list of all the calendars you subscribe to. Skim past that until you see the title Other Calendars; then, on the right side … Read More