Windows Phone Tips

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These tips will help make your Windows Phone 8.1 productive ! Swipe to see all your apps Swipe from the start to see your entire app list. You can tap any letter to see the full alphabet, you can also select a letter to jump to it. You also have the option to search to go straight to the app … Read More

Nokia Lumia 1520 Specs and Features

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What the new Nokia Lumia 1520 has to offer! The Nokia Lumia series is by far one of the most popular windows phones out there; from their display to their picture resolution, it has become a very attractive phone to customers. i Fix Screens will let you in on all the pro’s and cons that this phone has to offer. Dimensions: … Read More

5 Steps To Save Your Cellphone From Water Without The Hassle!

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Save Water Damaged Phone

Tired of how you always seem to have your cell phone water damaged? Purchasing a new cellular phone to replace your water damaged device is too costly, why pay more when you can pay less! i Fix Screens ‘5’ steps could save your cellphone. Everyone has experienced a problem here or there with their cellphone, and usually when it comes … Read More