History of iOS Versions from 1.0 to 13.0

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system that runs the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. iOS utilizes a multi-touch interface where simple features and functionalities are used to operate the device by swiping the fingers across the screen to move pages or pinching the fingers to zoom out images. Each version of the iOS has been launched with multiple updated features in every year.

History of iOS Versions

Below you will find the history of each version of iOS with system and app features:

1. iOS 1

Initial Version– Released on June 29, 2007

Final Version– Released on July 15, 2008

Support Ended– 2010

iOS 1 is the first release of Apple’s mobile operating system. This version of iOS was the first iteration of the touch-centric mobile operating system. The pre-installed system features of this version included Camera, Calendar, Photos, Notes, Safari, Phone, Mail, iPod, videos, and music. This was the first version of the software compatible with the iPod touch.

New key features

  • Music app
  • Safari browser
  • Multi-touch interface
  • Visual voicemail

2. iOS 2

Initial Version– Released on July 11, 2008

Final Version– Released on January 27, 2009

Support Ended– 2011

iOS 2 version of iOS introduced the third-party applications and system features that are available to iPod and iPhone Touch. The system features of this version included Calendar, Text, Camera, Weather, Photos, YouTube, Camera, Stocks, Maps, Calculator, Notes, Clock, iTunes, App Store, Settings.

New key features

  • Improved Maps App
  • App Store

3. iOS 3

Initial Version– Released on June 11, 2010

Final Version– Released on 3.2.2 on August 11, 2010

Support Ended– 2012

iOS 3 introduced the spotlight and search indexing features that are designed to help the users to connect with specific information on their device. The system features of this version included iTunes, Text, Calendar, Weather, Camera, YouTube, Stocks, Calculator, Clock, Settings, Notes, Voice Memos, Maps, App Store.

New key features

  • Recording Videos
  • Spotlight Search
  • Copy & Paste

4. iOS 4

Initial Version– Released on June 22, 2010

Final Version– Released on 4.3.5 on July 25, 2011

Support Ended– 2013

The iOS 4 was announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2010. iOS 4 version introduced folders on the home screen and increased the number of apps that can be displayed. The system features of this version are Spell check, Camera, Home screen, Mail, and Safari

New key features

  • Multitasking
  • FaceTime
  • AirPlay
  • AirPrint
  • iBooks
  • Personal Hotspot

5. iOS 5

Initial Version– Released on October 12, 2011

Final Version– Released on May 7, 2011

Support Ended– 2014

Apple responded to the growing trend of cloud computing by introducing new platforms and system features. iOS 5 revamped notifications, added temporary banners that appear at the top of the screen. The system features of this version are Newsstand, Siri, and Reminders.

New key features

  • iMessage
  • iCloud
  • Wireless Syncing
  • Notification Center

6. iOS 6

Initial Version– Released on September 19, 2012

Final Version– Released on February 21, 2014

Support Ended– 2015

iOS 6 version was first introduced by Siri and later surpassed by competitors and revolutionary technology. The system features of this version are Siri, Settings, and Facebook Integration.

New key features

  • Passbook
  • Apple maps
  • Do Not Disturb

7. iOS 7

Initial Version– Released on September 18, 2013

Final Version– Released on June 30, 2014

Support Ended– 2016

iOS 7 version was completely designed for User Interface. The system features of this version are AirDrop, Design, Notification Center, Multitasking, Control Center, and Siri.

New key features

  • AirDrop
  • Touch Id
  • Activation Lock
  • CarPlay

8. iOS 8

Initial Version– Released on September 17, 2014

Final Version– Released on August 13, 2015

Support Ended– n/a

With the help of iOS 8 version, the consistency and stable operation returned to the operating system and became beneficial to users with UX system modification. The system features of this version are Spotlight, Continuity, Keyboard, Notifications, and Multitasking.

New key features

  • Apple Pay
  • iCloud Drive
  • Handoff
  • Family Sharing
  • Third-party Keyboards
  • HomeKit

9. iOS 9

Initial Version– Released on September 16, 2015

Final Version– Released on August 25, 2016

Support Ended– n/a

iOS mobile operating system brought few changes to both the interface and technical foundation of the iOS with a stable, dependant and solid performance. Major improvements of iOS 9 version are delivered on older devices and other groundwork.

New key features

  • Low Power Mode
  • Night Shift
  • Public Beta Program

10. iOS 10

Initial Version– Released on July 19, 2017

Final Version– Released on September 13, 2016

Support Ended– n/a

iOS 10 version incorporated changes to 3D Touch and the lock screen. The reviewers were impressed with the image recognition technology process of iOS 10 version. The system features of this version are Keyboard, Home screen, Notification Center, Settings, Universal Clipboard.

New key features

  • iMessage apps
  • Delete built-in apps

11.iOS 11

Initial Version– Released on September 19, 2017

Final Version– Released on May 29, 2018

Support Ended– n/a

iOS 11 developed customization and interoperability features in the mobile operating system. The lock screen and notification center of this version are developed with the display option. The system features of this version are Siri, Control Center, Camera, Wallpapers, and Settings.

New key features

  • AirPlay 2
  • Major enhancement on iPad
  • Augmented Reality

12. iOS 12

Initial version: Released on September 17, 2018

Final version: 12.0. Released Sept. 17, 2018

Support Ended – n/a

This newer version of iOS 12 makes the iPhone very faster and powerful.
Below are the latest key features and improvements in the best mobile operating system(ios)

New key features:

  •  Grouped Notifications
  •  Group face time
  •  Beauty gate fix
  • Improved screenshot and QR code reader
  • Screen Time
  • 70 new emoji in the iPhone
  • How to improve Battery
  • Third party navigations apps
  • eSlim support for iPhone XS and iPhone XS max
  • ARKit 2.0
  • Siri improvements, including Siri Shortcuts and multi-step actions
  • Siri suggestions
  • Memoji and Animoji
  • Redesigned maps app
  • Updated portrait mode and passcode management
  • Apple TV in the control center

Note- This article has been updated on 30 May 2019.

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Final Thoughts

There are 2 million iOS apps with updated features and advanced functionalities. The iOS versions have multiple functionalities, which are discussed in the history of the iOS 1.0 to 12.0. In our next article, we will discuss the upcoming features of iOS 13.0.

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